BQ Club


With BQ club you are able to accumulate bonuses and pay up not more than 75% of the restaurant bills in all Bar BQ Cafe, Osteria Mario, ZEST and Shvili restaurants.

It`s the opportunity to learn first about all the news of the restaurants and to participate in other promotions.

You can become a member and get a plastic of BQ club filling in the questionnaire form in one of the restaurants "Bar BQ Cafe".

How to become a member?

Friends, very soon we will launch an updated TIGRUS CLUB application for you.

Just a few touches left, and your favorite restaurants will be in your pocket again.

To continue accumulating bonus points, install a stylish Tigrus Holding electronic card in your wallet.

More information from any employee of the restaurant.

Collect bonus points:
1 bonus point = 1 ruble.

With each payment, the card returns 5% of the amount of your order.
If the total amount of your orders exceeds 25,000 rubles, the return will be 7%.
If the total amount of your orders exceeds 50,000 rubles, the return will be 10%.

By filling in your personal data, you can get a 20% cashback in the Tigrus Club app on your birthday!

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*If you have any further questions regarding the loyalty program e-mail us:

* If you have any questions regarding the BQ club, send us an e-mail: We will be glad to answer.
Best regards, Bar BQ Café team