Tigrus project

About project

“Tigrus” Restaurant Holding has been allocating financial resources to save the Àmur tigers for many years. In December 2015 “Tigrus Project” was launched in all Bar BQ Cafe restaurants, within the framework of which large sums of money are being raised for saving the Amur tigers. In 6 months about half of a million rubles has been raised and all the money has been transferred to Anyuiskiy National Park in Khabarovsk region for preserving the most northern group of tigers.

There are several ways to donate to the tigers in Bar BQ Cafe. The first one, of course, is to order any of our courses. Two rubles from every ordered position from the menu are transferred to help the tigers. Every visitor can also donate any sum just having said that to the waiter.

Once Henrik Vinter, founder of Bar BQ Cafe, brought knitted tiger toy from the USA, since then it has become the BarBQ Team's lucky charm. All the guests who donate more than 10,000 RUR recieve such a toy tiger as a present and a symbol of good fortune. Moreover we have created a line of souvenirs: cups, mobile cases, pens, t-shirts, caps with the tigers. Buying these products, you also become a participant of the charity program to help Amur tigers.

We love to party! And each last Friday of a month we arrange a special Tigrus Party and also each last Saturday of a month is a Tigrus day in our restaurants in shopping malls Metropolis and Mega Khimki. 1% of the income from these events we donate to purchase of feed for hoofed mammals, which are a part of tigers' food chain. Since the start of the project the situation has changed for the better and the number of tigers increased from 16 to 33. However, the Fund needs additional finance for curbing poaching and this is what you help us with! Thanks to the money you spent at Bar BQ Cafe, the population of Amur tigers is increasing and the richness of our nature will not be destroyed.

The “Tigrus Project” is your pleasure given to charity.

You can take a look on reports on application of funds here.